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by Wilton Earle

A City Laid Waste
by William Gilmore Simms

At the opening of this fact based historical fiction, we find Sgt. Manson Sherrill Jolly and his best friend, Tom Largent severely wounded and left for dead on the battle field in the waning weeks of the war. The two cavalry scouts manage to find nearby farmers who take them in and help nurse them back to health. Upon recovery, they discover that the war has ended and they head home to Anderson County in the upstate of South Carolina... [ Read Full Review]
This is a book with a load of historical relevance. David Aiken, an English professor at the College of Charleston and the Citadel has rendered a valuable service by resurrecting this great piece from the archives of the Columbia Phoenix. The author, William Gilmore Simms was one of the leading novelists, short story writers and poets of the period leading up to the War for Southern Independence. At the time of Sherman’s march, Simms was living in Columbia, South Carolina and had a front row seat for the destruction that ensued. ...
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